Posted on Jan 31, 2019

Synergy Onsite Septic Solutions

Not too often does a Septic guy get to work for a plumbing supply company. But you we do it we do it well!! So, some off the wall septic company came out told the customer that their pump was bad on their “ non pump” gravity flow system. Them a Preffered plumbing company came to snake the line and broke their equipment and left their “broken equipment” in the the main line 60+ feet of it. Then the next septic company said the problem was a break only 20 feet out. Wrong! Turns out the pipe hit a Series of bad install and settlements with after thought of a rubber coupling repair; as well as totally wrong diagnosis. Repairs just under $1500.00 and a days work 1 call! Feel like we hit a Homerun while taking the Triple Crown!
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